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AWAKEN 2017 is an annual online gathering of conscious minds around the globe. Enlighten with video lessons from thought leaders on how to:

  • Expand your mind with talks on consciousness and abundance.
  • Stretch your body and soul with yoga and kundalini.
  • Experience higher conscious states with guided meditation journeys.
  • Achieve more from success and prosperity coaches.
  • Discover intimacy in the bedroom with Tantra.

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“AWAKEN is a brilliant idea.  The variety of speakers and the vast areas of spirituality they address is just really mind blowing.  So much wisdom has been shared.  Thanks again for even holding this festival.”

— Brittney Werts

“The Awaken Festival combined so many spiritual visionaries to create an enlightening learning experience. Following along each day expanded my understanding of the world around me and connected me with so many new, beautiful souls. This festival seriously has something for everyone.”

— Courtney Allen

This festival is entirely online, allowing global access to anyone who wants to amplify their good vibes and accelerate their daily life. AWAKEN 2017 has gathered 31 brilliant minds to help you awaken to your true potential. Start your day with a higher conscious discussion. Get Full Access to AWAKEN Now!

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Day 1 – Myke: Welcome to 2017:  An Awakening
2017 is the year of the fire rooster. It’s an awakening year. What does it mean to be awakened? How can awakening help shift the planet?
Day 2 – The Realest Idealist:  Finding Inner Abundance & Going From Limited to INFINITE
When a person has developed their mind to be aware of self and their direct relationship to the universe around them, they will ALWAYS have the upper hand at creating what they desire! Align with your infinite potential, and realize your WILDEST desires!
Day 3 – Bridget Nielsen: Living Your Cosmic-Human Purpose
An excitement and understand about how to discover and live your puzzle piece to assist humanity through this epic time of transformation and awakening.
Day 4 – Andrew McFarlane:  Staying Awake
A deeper understanding of the many facets of the spiritual journey as well as some tools they can utilize to support their spiritual freedom
Day 5 – Anne Haack:  Guided Chakra Meditation for Healing & Empowerment
Learn about your hidden strengths, tune into your intuition, connect to your intrinsic potential and let go of what no longer serves you. Get real with yourself through an in depth look at the ancient Indian Tantric chakra system and the 7 main energy centers.
Day 6 – Gabe Salomon: Vibrational Harmonization
In this transmission we will be exploring our innate vibrational nature with the intention of aligning ourselves to our highest path. Using musical examples I will demonstrate a fundamental energetic principle, which I refer to as “The Holy Triad”. The Triad is comprised of Melody, Rhythm and Harmony and is a way of explaining the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine polarities. By understanding this mechanism and applying it in our daily lives, we learn how to accelerate our spiritual journey and become an empowered and heart-centered creator.
Day 7 – Matt Belair: 5th Dimensional Thinking and Living
You will learn timeless and key concepts in powerful ways to rid yourself of the false ego, tune into yourself, connect to a higher perspective and purpose and strategies for creating the life of your dreams
Day 8 – Val Tignini: Elevate into Higher Consciousness
Val works with Source Energy and this creates a “light shower” which allows one’s soul to awaken to a new level of experience. During the session Val brings up the divine field of energy so that your soul can awaken and experience a higher level of consciousness. Once awakened, it’s a journey of soul revelations and ever-evolving divine experiences. This gift of awakening you to your divine connection leads to an increased awareness of universal truths, self knowing, inner peace and wonderful miracles in your life.
Day 9 – Henry Graham Murray: Tuning into Nature Spirits and Crystals
Asking for help and receiving it can be tricky. Connecting with the Nature Spirits, with Crystals and with other unseen friends and energies can be a fun way of opening to more elegant receiving.
Day 10 – Nimea Ariana: Guided Light Wave Energy Session: The Future is Now
Join in with Nimea Ariana, on this very special occasion, as we expand in meditation through Light Wave Energy and re-wire the neuro-pathways of the individual and the collective mind, as ONE. And thus, we remember our Divine Nature and ability to Travel Higher States of Consciousness, while in form, awakening a new reality.
Day 11 – Djamilla Sada Ram:  Rebirthing into the New
A journey through the intricate layers of the human expression. Exploring the depths of your true core. The seed of your being. Where transformation is possible and real. Letting go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest destiny. Shedding the skin of the past. Preparing your being for rebirth, reveal and recalibration.
Day 12 – Arturo Massaro: Inspire your Life, Realise your Dreams
You will have a clear picture of how you can shift your attitude to be inspired with high energy to go to the next level and make your DREAMS come true.
Day 13 – Hina Sheikh: How to Manifest Your Desires in 2017: The NEW Way
Learn a more optimal, fun, easeful way to create and experience all that you want this 2017. Why the old way of creating what we want is played out and exhausting vs a new and better way to reach your goals and how to do it.
Day 14 – Erika Susana Briones: Tap out 2016 with EFT: Make 2017 Sexy
Have you ever heard of tapping? Not a tap-dance. Not a tap out like jujitsu. I’m talking about hitting your face. EMT is a tapping technique to let go of the past. This is not a masochistic exercise, but a way to heal and release your 2016 symptoms. They say your issue is in your tissue. If your body could talk, what would 2017 look like? Do you want to have more sex? Do you want to have more orgasms? Do you want to have more self expression? Then join me to tap out 2016. Ladies, bring your lipstick, perfume and high heels. Guys, bring your shaving cream and cologne. Let’s get ready to party!
Day 15 – Michael Hrostoski: Don’t Get Attached To The Magic
As we awaken at an exponential pace, many of us are starting to develop superpowers, siddhis, or capacities that are “humanly impossible.” The vast potentiality of consciousness is an infinite playground of exploration and adventure. Don’t waste too much time in one place.
Day 16 – Nathaniel Solace: The Art & Science of Conscious Self Programming
Program or be Programmed. How can we get under the hood our our lives and activate our thoughts, emotions & habits to their full potential?
Day 17 – Cory Katuna: The Best Case Scenario
In this session I’ll demystify the mechanics of optimal experience and give you reliable access to any moment’s best case scenario on demand.
Day 18 – Ronnie Landis: The 3 Step Formula to Vibrant Health & Massive Results in Life
You will learn a proven 3 step formula to experiencing complete mastery of any new program, routine, nutrition strategy, or upgraded lifestyle activity you want to employ in your life. This talk will take you through an in-depth yet highly simplified approach to increasing any results in your life through viewing life as a series of experimenting, discovering effective ways to test experiments for results, and learning how to effortlessly integrate what works and without struggle release what does not work for maximum growth and success.
Day 19 – Holly Agnes Higgins: Creating a Miraculous Future by Working With Your Future Self
Everyone has many different futures and therefore many different Future Selves. They all exist as possibilities, like movies playing simultaneously in a multiplex. Which movie you go to, which future you experience, depends upon your choices and decisions. Among these futures is a miraculous one, filled with incredible magic, love and success. In meditation, you can work with this Future Self. They know the ropes, they’ve been where you are and they dearly want to help you create the miraculous reality that they are living because they love you beyond measure.
Day 20 – Miriam Elyse: Sexual Evolution
There is a way of being with your sexuality that can actually improve your health, boost your confidence, and help you connect with the right partner. I will lead you through a meditation and teach tools to help you feel this creative power in your body and learn to use it in a way that lights your whole life up.
Day 21 – Daniela Gil: The Path from Dis-ease back to Love
Daniela will be sharing her personal experience of moving from addiction, abusive relationships, autoimmune disease, bulimia, binge eating, depression and anxiety to living an inspired life and becoming a sacred healing arts practitioner. She’ll be diving into intuitive eating, the divine feminine, conscious loving, being of service, breathwork, yoga, and the spiritual practices that she has found most effective in helping her embody more love. You can expect to receive relevant insight into your own life challenges and learn tips for supporting and accelerating your healing, growth, and transformation.
Day 22 – Christian Alexander: Thriving through radical change
Join me, as we explore the fact that nothing else matters right NOW as much as the alignment with the truth of you and what goods this will bring you, in your own direct life experience.  This is truly the time to let go and go with the flow of the truth within you.
Day 23 – Cassie Jeans: Self-Worth Mindset – A Whole New Level
The truth behind what it means to live from the mindset of self-worth especially when we are speaking to the world from a place of being an empath. Why does your self-worth matter? When you realize what it actually means to tap into your highest joy there will be some choices to make. Are you ready to take this to a whole new level?
Day 24 – Carly Morgan Gross: Tap into Flow State with Self Love + Elixir Tonic Recipe for High Brain Power
Learn how to tap into the heart space and come from a place of inner peace and love so that a natural flow state can occur. + an elixir recipe for self love and brain power!
Day 25 – Benjamin Rolnik: Make Money, Live Your Dream, Now.
I hate bullshit. It stands in the way between you and achieving your mission. I believe your mission is important — far too important to wait or hesitate or get distracted or deluded. Especially because I know the fact: who you are makes a difference. Consider this video A WAKE UP CALL!!!!! It’s time to Unlock Your Vault. It’s time to share your gifts. It’s time to take action — to unleash yourself. It’s time to live your vision. Let’s go!
Day 26 – Stacey Maroney: Building Blocks for Conscious Business Development
How to authentically position your business so you can best serve your customers and the consciousness collective.
Day 27 – Sophie Frabotta: Awaken Your Chakras
This course will teach an overview about each chakra, the three states our chakras can be in, healing techniques to balance how energy moves through your body, and a guided meditation to clean, balance and AWAKEN your chakras. Our goal is to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and aware of how much power you hold in that magical body of yours!
Day 28 – Chelsea Armstrong: Gentle Yoga Flow
Enjoy this special 1 hour yoga session with Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor Chelsea Armstrong. For many of you, this may be the first yoga you do in 2017. Beautiful! This is a gentle yoga flow and perfect for stepping into a yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. Take a moment and realign your body, mind and spirit. Namaste!
Day 29 – Mark Shapiro & Erin Kameiko: 12 Tips to Live An Authentic Life
In today’s fast paced and noisy world, it’s never been more challenging to live authentically. Tune-in for 12 tips that can support you in being the best you…aka the gift you are here to be.
Day 30 – Mark Geenen: Time to think BIG – realizing your Infinite potential
What would you do if you could achieve anything you set your mind to? Would you still be living the life you are right now or would you be doing something totally different? It’s time to think BIG and realize our infinite potential, so that we can allow this planet to become the beautiful paradise it’s supposed to be.
Day 31 – Shawn Elliot Russell: Be Still Little Tree
“Be Still, Little Tree, Be Still” is a children’s book for adults about mindfulness. Written after a three year journey through anxiety, agoraphobia, and depersonalization, “Be Still” offers an easy to understand message within a beautiful allegory. This session will include a reading of the book as well as an explanation of its deeper spiritual implications, including the author’s own experiences with awakening and some of the insights mindfulness has graced him with.

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