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You’ve learned the steps to unblock one chakra, now learn how to CONNECT THEM ALL.  

See why I am passionate about helping people tap into unlimited ENERGY, PASSION and PURPOSE.  

I found unblocked energy flows freely through me like a crystal clear stream of energy.

Blocked energy gets stuck, trapped, and can’t flow. 

It shows up in your life as low energy, lack of drive, shyness, lack of confidence, not having enough money, depression, a feeling of disconnect.  No thanks!

We created the MAGIC Chakra Course to be the most simple, straight forward way to unblock and activate all 7 chakras in 7 days. 

Each day, simply press play. 

The step by step process will guide you all the way from the comfort of your home.  Multiple video/audio based guided meditations and guided techniques for each chakra.  

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Glowing Reviews

“The 7 Day Chakra Course has been such a pleasurable experience. Myke’s daily meditations on each chakra were meticulously delivered in wonderful detail, allowing the viewer to participate fully. Each morning I looked forward to tuning in to the video, as Myke beautifully guided us through that day’s chakra journey. This is a ‘must’ for anyone wishing to take the magical inner ride of these wonderful energy centers.”

~ Sylvia C

“I watch and meditate to one of Myke’s Chakra course videos every single morning. Each guided meditation effortlessly puts me right in the space I need to be in to navigate whatever experiences await me throughout the day. I can’t say enough good about this course.”

~ Kristina A.


About the Instructor

Myke has been teaching meditation for 6 years after studying with a Zen Buddhist monk.  His journey began in 2009 after experiencing a satori moment, which is a buddhist term for a moment of enlightenment or “seeing into one’s true nature”. He describes it as “getting a glimpse under the veil, fully immersed into the source of everything.” 

This experience sent him on a quest, studying all the world’s religions and spiritual modalities.  He ended up creating the Good Vibe Club as a source for people to learn more about spirituality in an easy-to-digest, friendly way.  He believes that the most complex, mind bending topics can be taught more simply, to beings of all ages.  

Before his satori moment, he was involved in the technology industry building social apps and websites.  His calling is to help people realize their infinite nature, and he is passionate about merging technology and spirituality.

Invest in yourself.

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Blocked Chakras become blocks in real life.  If you have muddy water polluting any of the energy centers, it will affect your whole being.

How can you be happy if you are always worried?  How can you make money if you lack focus?  How can you attract a soul mate if you are self conscious?  Go deeper.

This Chakra course helps you tap into the already miraculous nature of your body:

Day 1: Root Chakra
Create a foundation.  Feel at home, safe and cozy anywhere you are and whoever you are with.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.  

Day 2: Sacral Chakra
Tap into your passion and sexulaity.  Have a purpose for waking up.  Become “magnetic” and attract people to you in life and on social media.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.
Day 3: Solar Plexus Chakra
Activate your confidence.  This powerful chakra will let you come from a place of certainty.  You know what you want and you get it.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.  

Day 4: Heart Chakra
Come from a place of love.  The love you give = the love you receive.  So how can you give even more love?  Hint:  It involves loving yourself.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.    

Day 5: Throat Chakra
Find your voice.  Learn to speak your mind.  Tap into the law of attraction and use your verbal desires to create the life around you.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.
Day 6: 3rd Eye Chakra
The psychic energy center.  Tap into your intuition.  Release all fear.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.
Day 7: Crown Chakra
Connect to the divine.  Open your crown chakra to create a pathway to your higher self.  Receive guidance, support and cosmic love.
Includes: Multiple Guided Meditations & Techniques.