The one thing I now prioritize in life is that it is effortless.

After years of working hard to build a career and teaching myself confidence, I realized something was missing. I discovered that true fulfillment and success is a result of being fully aligned with who I truly was. I discovered it is all about purpose.

Unlocking your purpose opens the door to creating life from inspiration. The moment you align with your inner hero, and the mission you are here to embody, is the moment you realize true freedom. No more hard work within this system. You realise that you are here to build your own system — Crafting a life of happiness by connecting what you love with what the world needs.

This is the new paradigm!

This is the focus of this Mastercourse. We will assist you in unlocking your true purpose, so you can drop the 9 to 5 job that you deeply know will never fulfill you. This program will help you master all that is necessary to discover your purpose and unleash the creative power within you. 



This course goes beyond personal development. It is about shifting your whole internal attitude and aligning with who you truly are. External success will be a reflection of your internal transformation.  This is about becoming a conscious creator. For you to take full responsibility for your own life and start living with purpose. You have a mission here and this program is the door for accessing your blueprint. 

This Program is for you, if you are… 

  • Tired of a repetitive and mundane lifestyle
  • Waking up in the morning feeling a sense of disconnection and exhaustion
  • Not happy and fulfilled  with your profession
  • Feeling a lack of clarity and knowing about what you really want to do in your life
  • Consistently lost in negative thought patterns
  • Insecure in your relationship with yourself and others
  • Blaming others for what is going on in your life

…And you are…

  • Excited to create a level of self awareness that allows you to see through your whole belief system
  • Desiring to be confident in how you express yourself
  • Ready to uncover your soul purpose and recognize what you are meant to bring forth in this world
  • Ready to embody an accelerated life instead of day-dreaming about it
  • Wanting to radically shift your belief system so it aligns with what you are here to create
  • Open to connecting to unconditional love instead of judgement towards self and others
  • Wanting to know the mechanics and science behind creating your own reality
  • All set for radically transforming your life

Have you ever lost yourself wondering what your life could be like? Finding yourself in a complete daydream of a reality that seems so out there, so far fetched? Yet, that reality feels so much more exciting to you as you tap into it… You can literally feel yourself expanding as you envision an entirely different life – A life of magic. Have you ever thought about why that feels so good?

It feels good, because it is true. It feels good, because that reality exists. It exists as a future potential. You are tapping into that potential reality and connecting to the essence of its energetic imprint. That reality holds a higher energetic attitude than the one you are currently in. That is science. Quantum Physics has proven again and again that everything is just an energetic game.

And you are the hero in this game. You are the hero walking the journey of embodying that which you truly are. You are probably not feeling consistently blissful, overjoyed and expanded. If you were, you wouldn’t be here. Your hero is lost. And that is okay, that is perfect. It wouldn’t be a good movie, if you weren’t stuck for a while.

You are the creator of your own reality.

Right now your reality is probably not your preferred experience. You were too lazy, too asleep. That is why your reality seems to be all over the place — not coherently structured. Stuff happens all the time, you try to control it, but it never truly goes your way. Your inner hero is lost.

It is time to unleash that hero inside of you.

It is time to activate your full potential and live your blueprint. It is time to feel the inspiration for a greater life that you have repressed, but that still sits deep inside of you… Waiting to be unlocked.

It is time to become the creator you truly are.



What this course entails:

This course is about mastering the 5 Step System to Living Your Dream:

  1. Building Self-Awareness and realizing who you truly are.
  2. Moving into Radical Self Love & Self Acceptance
  3. Transmuting the Victim Mentality & Becoming a Conscious Creator
  4. Finding Your Truest Excitement & Creating your Vision
  5. Embodying your Purpose & Living the Vision.

Additionally there will be a complete module on daily practices and rituals that you can embody for being consistent in your dream vision. These will help you align with the course context and transform by taking inspired action.

This is uncovered by: 

  • Video lessons covering all the necessary context and understanding for an empowered life
  • Guided Meditations for you to transform and embody your dream life
  • Empowering Exercises for integrating conscious understanding into your life and putting the 5 Step System into Practice
  • Special with well known influencer Bridget Nielsen on Intuition & Grounding (+ Grounding Meditation)
  • In-Depth One Hour Video with Awakening Life Coach Anthony Thompson on what it takes to walk the talk instead of just talking the talk
  • Contribution by Good Vibe Club Founder Myke Armstrong on Chakra Energetics


So if you feel it is your time to get back into alignment with who you truly are, join this program today. Joining now will give you access to the bonuses limited to the first 100 Dream Visionaries: 


All future content added is FREE 

  • As time goes on, new content will be added to the course to support you on your path.
  • This will raise the value of this program, but you will have access to all this without an extra payment.

Register now for a special price of $97 and begin to live the life you are meant to create.



 This course will show you how to completely change your life for good. Making superficial changes and setting goals never works or lasts when you haven’t addressed the root issues that keep you stuck in self sabotage again and again. Everything you need to understand yourself and how to release your limiting subconscious beliefs and tap into your power is here.

This course guides you step by step in practical and applicable way to completely change your life and release your fears. It will empower you on every level to finally live your purpose and express your innate gifts and talents and what you are here for.

This course is such a gift! I wish I would have found it years ago.

— Nazarah 


“ This course was a huge step into my greatest clarity, inner alignment and authentic joy. I feel immersed in an unwavering remembrance of Who I Really Am.

I found it to be such a beautiful shortcut to bliss and freedom ingeniously tailored for anyone – whether a beginner, freshly paving a spiritual journey into self-realization and empowerment, or for someone that has been hacking away at “how to be enlightened” for awhile now only with very scant results. It breaks down in depth how to let go of the Ego and its lack beliefs and how to instead propitiously live the beautiful and undisturbed life your Heart-Self envisions for you.

I found it so much more effortless and joyful than many other approaches of shadow work and spiritual seeking I’ve tried. The guided meditations really penetrated and perforated the unconscious patterns of my psyche and along with the exercises and tools, my mind really feels reprogrammed into a much more empowered and lighthearted version of itself.

This is a 10/10 top notch course.

— Samasati 


Now is the time to take action.  Ask yourself how much you want to shift your way of being into the dream you’ve always imagined for yourself.  You’ve taken steps and stopped.  You’ve backtracked.  Now is the time for real change.  How much longer do you want to continue down the same old path?

This is a beautiful commitment.

Only continue if you are committed to this course and transforming your life.  This course is designed to pay for itself over and over.  By upgrading your life, everything else will become transformed.  Your relationships, your finances and your way of being.  Everything will be different. We are so confident in this course, that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right, a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

We have put a lot of energy into this course to make sure you have all the information and tools you need in order transform your life and step into your soul purpose. We are committed to your growth and helping you in whatever way we can. If, however, after going through the course, completing all the assignments and taking all the necessarily steps to make the change you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.