First Name

Jane Voneman-DuPerow



I am a Medium, Psychic, T.V. show host and Author. I also have an app called Spirit Dice and my product that I sell is also Spirit Dice.

Want to

I want to find the truth of my soul and what I need daily by doing meditation right now.


Meditation, Vegan diet or the bulletproof diet. Celebrities. Going celebrity myself along with my family. Just because I am in a relationship does not mean that there are new soul mates to meet.


My vision is that I grow as a Psychic and Medium and stand in front of a large audience to deliver Psychic messages from the other side and for my app to do well and my book to have the Hay House logo on it. I also want to read for celebrities. I do celebrity predictions.


New Friends

I am open to making new friends

Soul Mate

I am open to finding soul mates