TIER 1: Civilization Upgrader Seat
Once-per-month high-powered daylong online seminar (4-6 hours!) on a Saturday or Sunday where you get to join live and ask questions! Scheduled at least two weeks in advance. You will get immediate access to the recording as well, in case you can't make it live or want to re-watch for improved absorption.
Exclusive '133 Shepherds - Civilization Upgraders' FB group access where Bentinho monitors almost daily for questions that he will answer either directly as comments, and/or later that week in his weekly video.
Weekly Live Video session of 1 - 2 hours in a private Facebook (FB) group where Bentinho answers some of the trends he has witnessed that week among the 133 Shepherds participants. If there is time, he will allow new questions to be asked during this Live Video as well.
High Level of Personal Attention and Connection: TIER 1 is deliberately limited to 133 participants so Bentinho can give you a high level of personal attention. This, in turn, ensures that Bentinho will get to know each participant in this group personally, and much better as the program progresses, which will allow him to optimize the program's contents.
Bonus sessions featuring guest speakers on certain niche-topics. Example: Jocelyn Daher on women’s empowerment, or Anurag Gupta on starting an aligned business, etc.
Optional: Sometime in 2018, at least one (but possibly two) in-person gatherings will be scheduled at a nice location, which you can attend free of tuition. You will have to arrange your own flight and potentially accommodation, but there won’t be any charge for Bentinho’s time or sessions. During this gathering, the 133 Shepherds will come together to meet each other in-person, co-create, share their progress/process, and make truly powerful friends for life. Bentinho will host some guided meditations and spontaneous Q&A sessions.
TIER 2: Leader Seat

2 to 4 weeks after TIER 1's monthly live seminar takes place, TIER 2 will receive the recording of that session. You won't be able to participate live or ask Bentinho questions, but you will get access to the same content!
Exclusive '133 Shepherds - Leaders' FB group (different from the TIER 1 FB group). Here, Bentinho may make an occasional visit, but he will not be answering personal questions (exceptions are possible). However, you will be able to interact with all other TIER 2 participants and discuss all sessions together and share your processes.
2 to 4 weeks after the weekly FB Live Video took place in the TIER 1 FB group, the TIER 2 FB group gets access to that video’s recording.