A meditative experience


Good Vibe Club is a meditation club.

We start with the basics and get into advanced breathing and present moment awareness techniques.  The root of good vibes is a clear, present mind.

Guided by Teachers

Rapidly accelerate your path with monthly courses, talks and meditations guided by hand picked teachers.


Live in the flow.

When we operate on a level of high vibes, good things happen.  Serendipity increases and synchronicity occurs.  Use our meditations to enter a state of flow at will.


Begin Your Journey

Membership Benefits:

1. Guided Meditation Practice
2. Weekly Live Club Meditations
3. Monthly Course Access

Members also get free access to all of our past and future courses, talks, and festivals, Including AWAKEN Online 2017.

Try out the Good Vibe Club.  You can use it free for 30 days.  If you would like to keep your membership after 30 days, it is only $9.99 per month.

You happiness is our priority, cancel any time in the next 30 days and pay nothing.







Tell me so much more.  What is awaken.  The community.  How do I connect with people in the community.


Learn how to meditate

Accountability is Fun

Most people stop meditating because they don’t have a support system.  We’ve built a community into the meditative experience.  You will not only grow with the community, but you will get to know Good Vibe Club members on a friendship level.

Radiate Good Vibes

When you operate on a high vibrational level, good things happen.  Serendipity increases and synchronicity occurs.  Learn to use meditation to enter a state of flow at will.  


Oh Yeah Bitch

Try it.